Mimos Cushion Size M

Mimos Cushion Size M

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The Mimos pillow offers good support for the baby's skull in situations where the baby is lying down for a long time, such as: traveling by car, sleeping, strolling or playing. Cranial perimeter between 42 and 49 cm. (Old Size: XXL)
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Its shape reduces the pressure at each point of the head from 40g / cm2 to 10g / cm2. In other words: 4 times less pressure per square centimeter. In this way, the growth of the brain will not encounter obstacles and the head will be able to grow with its natural shape. The cushion has a three-dimensional polyester structure, leaving 94% of the free space for air circulation, which has multiple advantages: The most important is safety, since, in case the baby turns around or the cushion covers him the face, could continue to breathe through this. Provides the necessary support while being soft and delicate to the touch. It is certified to be in direct contact with the baby's skin. If you want to protect your baby's head, this is undoubtedly the most economical and least traumatic method. In comparison with other systems that limit the baby's mobility, this pillow allows the baby freedom of movement, thus strengthening the neck muscles, a very important condition to recover the rounded shape of the head.