A-Derma Dermalibour+ CICA-Repairing Cream 100ml

A-Derma Dermalibour+ CICA-Repairing Cream 100ml

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Dermalibour+ CICA-Repairing Cream is effective after 24 hours and is 100% natural. Soothes, repairs and immediately purifies skin irritations for the whole family.

It is the ideal solution for any red, itchy, stinging or tight area, including nipple irritation caused by breastfeeding. Its high tolerance formula is perfectly suited for irritated skin on the face, body, eyelids and external intimate areas of adults, children and newborns. Its pleasant, persistent and invisible texture is easy to apply and quickly absorbed by the skin. Contains no mineral oil or fragrance.

Apply 2 to 3 times a day on the irritated area*, previously cleaned with DERMALIBOUR+ CICA-Gel foam.

Rhealba Oat Extract → Soothing, anti-irritant, repairing Zinc oxide → Protects Copper and zinc salts → Purifying agents (minimize the risk of bacterial proliferation)