Arkopharma Arkorespira Anatomical Nasal Dilator

Arkopharma Arkorespira Anatomical Nasal Dilator

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Arkorespira® Best Breathe Anatomical Nasal Dilator is a device that facilitates the entry of air into the nasal passages, thus improving breathing.

Breathing through the nose is an involuntary act, and very important, in the human being because the air is filtered, heated and humidified before it enters the lungs. Through respiration, oxygen reaches all the cells of our body and produces the metabolic activity necessary for their correct functioning.

How to place the device:

Insert the device into each of the nasal orifices exerting gentle pressure in order to achieve a complete fit. To facilitate placement, you may moisten the device with saline solution. Once placed, you will notice an increased airflow entering the nasal passages.


How to remove the device:

Gently remove the device by pulling on the bridge that connects the two cylinders.

Does not contain latex.