Chicco Baby Oral Hygiene Set 12M+ x2

Chicco Baby Oral Hygiene Set 12M+ x2

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Oral hygiene kit suitable for children to wash their teeth in a fun way.

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Chicco Green Oral Hygiene Case 12M contains - Chicco Green Toothbrush 6M Toothbrush features a molded head and a thin neck specifically designed for the baby's small mouth. The bristles are tapered, very soft and long to gently clean the gums and teeth. The handle is ergonomic and non-slip, allowing the brush to be used by both an adult and a baby. Finally, the brushes are decorated with fun animals, making this new grooming habit even more fun. Features a protective cap. - Chicco Toothpaste Strawberry 12M Toothpaste that removes plaque, preventing tooth decay, while helping to remineralize enamel for stronger, healthier teeth. It has low abrasion power, so as not to damage the first teeth. It is especially suitable for children from 12 months of age, as it contains bioavailable calcium to help correct teeth formation, and 1000 ppm fluorine so indispensable for maintaining oral health. Strawberry flavor. - A green case.

Wash your teeth at least 3 times a day, one at night. Teeth cleaning should always be accompanied / supervised by an adult.