Chicco Electric Pump Double Milk Pump

Chicco Electric Pump Double Milk Pump

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Save time, extract more milk. The Chicco double electric breast pump is a useful way to express more milk and save your time. Quick and effective, the double pump combines the advantage of simultaneous extraction of both breasts with a very delicate and comfortable touch to the skin.

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2 Phases: Starts in STIMULATION mode, with faster pace to stimulate milk production; after 2 minutes it automatically switches to the slower EXTRACTION mode to encourage a constant and natural flow of milk. It is also possible to change the mode manually whenever you want. Double Power: The double extraction avoids wasting milk, collecting the milk from both breasts in a simple extraction. It's even faster, reducing the total time required for extraction. Versatile: Allows single or double use. Customisable: Choose from 10 levels in the BOOST and EXTRACTION stage to find the rhythm that suits you best. Gentle: The extra soft silicone coating adheres gently and ensures smooth skin contact. Ergonomic and Comfortable Design: The slanted hood design favors a comfortable and relaxed position during extraction. Intuitive: Easy to use and customize, thanks to the exclusive digital LCD display, where you can view the elapsed time, see the battery level and check the stimulation/extraction level in use. Transforms into a Baby Bottle: Thanks to the slanted Natural Feeling papaya flow teat and the included hermetic lid, the breastpump becomes a 150 ml bottle or a practical container for storing milk. Practical base, maximum stability. No risk of spilling milk! Soft, Gentle Silicone for Breasts: The soft silicone cup molds to the shape of your breast. Fully customizable: Set your own pace: choose from 10 different levels in pacing or extraction mode. Natural: Simulates the baby's sucking movement to stimulate the flow of milk and allow for effective extraction. Effective and time-saving: Relax and enjoy time with double extraction: comfortable and efficient