Chicco Pregnancy Belt Mammy S

Chicco Pregnancy Belt Mammy S

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Help support the abdomen and lower back, relieving any discomfort caused by bladder pressure

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During pregnancy and in the postpartum period, the mother's body changes continuously.

From the first months you should start wearing clothing that ensures maximum comfort, and that helps support the abdomen, breasts, and back.

In this very delicate phase, practicality and comfort are fundamental for the mother.


During Pregnancy

During this phase, the mother's body is more softly contoured, the breasts are larger, and the abdomen begins to take shape, so the pressure on the back increases.


What is needed?

Underwear that adequately supports the abdomen and reduces discomfort caused by pressure on the bladder.


Mamy Line pregnancy belts are very comfortable underwear for mothers. Made with elastic cotton fabric, they ensure maximum support even with large increases in abdominal volume, without constricting.

Practical and easy to remove thanks to the adjustable Velcro opening.

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