Chicco Natural Feeling Manual Milk Extractor

Chicco Natural Feeling Manual Milk Extractor

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With the Chicco NaturalFeeling Manual Breastfeeder, giving your milk is as simple as giving it to your sweetheart.The new Chicco Manual Breastfeeder is an excellent aid in maximizing the breastfeeding period, ensuring you all the effectiveness, comfort, delicacy and practicality, thanks to the innovative and uniqueChicco System. Effective and delicate extraction: the innovative Chicco System ensures a constant and natural milk flow, making milk extraction extremely easy, effective and fast. The extra-soft silicone cannula completely and gently surrounds the breast, ensuring that the outermost mammary glands are stimulated. In addition, the cannula adheres perfectly and adapts to all breast physiologies.Maximum comfort: the ergonomic handle ensures that extraction is effortless.

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