Chicco Silicone Teat NaturalFeeling 0M+

Chicco Silicone Teat NaturalFeeling 0M+

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Normal-flow, extra-soft silicone-tipped teat indicated from birth.

Promotion valid from 15/05/2023 until 15/06/2023


Chicco NaturalFeeling Nipple is a newborn-specific tilted nipple that has a set of benefits for both mother and baby - The nipple always stays full of milk, reducing baby's air intake - Double anti-colic valve that reduces risk of cramps, hiccups and regurgitation, contributing to a smoother breastfeeding - Embossed rings at the base simulate the breast and increase nipple flexibility and elasticity - Allows babies to keep their necks in the right position, reducing the risk of otitis.