Curaprox Kids Toothpaste with Mint Fluoride 60ml

Curaprox Kids Toothpaste with Mint Fluoride 60ml

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Paste for children with a sweet and refreshing mint flavor.

A toothpaste that tastes like a fun day at the pool, but that has a lot more to say: The fluoride in this toothpaste gives baby teeth a long-lasting protection against acidic foods and cavities. With a fluorine content of 1,450 ppm, this paste is the perfect choice for kids a little older (six and over). Even the coolest kids will want to feel the happiness of having healthy teeth: this toothpaste protects and strengthens teeth and gums, guaranteed to leave the little ones with a healthy smile thanks to its smooth minty taste. You can say goodbye to plaque and bacteria and hello to healthy teeth and gums – all within a few minutes. This paste does not contain any harsh ingredients such as LSS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), triclosan or microplastics. In most folders, the ingredient list is full of strange and confusing names, but here you don't have that problem. You only find good things! Which ones do you ask? For example, fluoride, which strengthens teeth, and enzymes, which will work together with saliva to reinforce its natural protection and thus help remineralize tooth enamel. It also has sorbitol that prevents the toothpaste from drying out, as well as a touch of xylitol (better known as birch sugar), which protects against bacterial attack and strengthens teeth. We hope the kids will have fun brushing their teeth with this delight!

Children should brush their teeth twice a day and discard the toothpaste after brushing, without swallowing. Children aged 6 years and over should use an amount of apsta equivalent to the size of a pea and brush their teeth together to minimize your intake. If you are taking fluoride supplementation, contact your dentist.