Curaprox Plaquefinder PCA 223 x12

Curaprox Plaquefinder PCA 223 x12

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Developer tablets that clearly show you where additional brushing is needed.

After chewing for about 30 seconds, the old plate will turn blue and the new one will turn red. Without Erythrosine (E127). 12 Developer tabletsCuraprox plate developer inserts are valuable aids, with guaranteed success. They reveal plaque in the mouth, clearly showing where extra brushing is needed. As an added bonus, plaque is motivating, as the best reward is seeing plaque disappear. - Bicolor system: the old and structured plate appears in blue and the newly formed plate in red. - Erythrosine free (E127) - A pleasant fruity flavor

1. Chew a pill for 30 seconds.2. Run your tongue over your teeth.3. Rinse mouth to remove excess.4. The tablet will stain the old plaque blue and the new plaque red. Red areas are areas where you occasionally forget to brush and blue areas are areas where you often don't brush. Remember what these zones are and make a special effort to brush them from now on.5. Brush your teeth well to remove all the coloring.