Elgydium Educational Toothpaste with plaque developer 50ml

Elgydium Educational Toothpaste with plaque developer 50ml

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Dentifrice that gives color to the plaque to indicate the areas to be brushed.

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Elgydium Educational Dental Gel Revealing Plate contains fluorinol to help protect teeth against cavities, as well as an association of dyes specifically selected for their ability to stain plaque.
The plaque turns green, which disappears as soon as the brushing is correct.
Fresh apple flavor.
Suitable for patients with orthodontic appliances.

Brush your teeth as you normally do with the Plaque Revealing toothpaste.
Rinse and check your brushing in a mirror.
Brush again to remove the stain remaining on the teeth (the plaque) without adding a toothpaste.
Use daily twice a day or occasionally, alternating with a classic toothpaste.

Not recommended for children under the age of 7 years.