Neurofil Capsules x60

Neurofil Capsules x60

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Food supplement that contributes to the proper functioning of the brain.

It is recommended to use 1 to 2 capsules a day to ensure improvement of symptoms.

Omega-3DHA Fatty Acids: Maintenance of the structural integrity of neurons (neuroprotective effect), as well as enhancing membrane stability and neurotransmission fluidity.EPA: Anti-inflammatory effect.Magnesium: Modulator of NMDA receptor activity, regulation of neuronal hyperexcitability, as well as with functional activation functions. Magnesium is, in fact, an essential trace element, and replacement of levels in the event of deficiency allows for functional activation of the body.Folic Acid: Fundamental, then, in the methylation processes within the cell necessary for the synthesis of neurotransmitters and membrane phospholipids.Vitamin B12: Potency the effect of folic acid and reduces homocysteine levels.Vitamin E: Broad-spectrum antioxidant. In such a way that it contributes to a greater resistance on the part of neurons to a set of cellular oxidative processes.