Nutribén Jar 4 Months Vegetables With Chicken 120g

Nutribén Jar 4 Months Vegetables With Chicken 120g

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Between trying to taste mom's food (or everything you can find), the joy of unexpected flavors and the “I don't feel like it today”, you can always count on Nutribén® jars.

Delicious combinations of the best ingredients that will help little ones grow strong and healthy. Available in packages of 120 g and 235 g in super and hypermarkets, pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Practical and easy to give to the baby, Nutribén® jars can be served directly at room temperature or heated (in the microwave or in a bain-marie). Do not add salt or sugar. Heat without the lid and stir with a spoon to achieve a uniform temperature. Check the temperature before giving it to the baby.

Cooking water, chicken 15%, vegetables 14% (carrots and peas), rice 6%, corn starch, olive oil 0.4%, onion and lemon juice.