Panatosse Natura Cough Syrup 128g

Panatosse Natura Cough Syrup 128g

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Herbal syrup suitable for the treatment of dry cough and expectoration for adults and children over 1 year of age.

Cough syrup that softens dry cough with sputum, while protecting the mucosa of the upper airways. The product neutralizes irritation by creating a protective layer that limits the contact of the mucosa with external agents and promotes hydration of the mucus, allowing its elimination. It also has an antioxidant action that neutralizes the irritation caused by free radicals. With 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients.

Children aged 1 to 6 years: 1 measuring spoon (5ml) 2 times a day. Children over 6 years old: 2 measuring spoons (10ml) 2 times a day. Adults: 2 measuring spoons (10ml) 2 to 3 times a day. If necessary, it can be taken up to 4 times a day. Shake before use.

Not recommended in case of allergy to any of the components.

Polifractin complex, honey, cane sugar, water, blackberry juice, lemon juice, lemon essential oils, sweet orange and blueberry, xanthan gum and arabic gum.