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Chicco Massager And Brush Learning Set

Chicco Massager And Brush Learning Set

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Right after the appearance of the first tooth!

Promotion valid from 01/09/2023 until 30/09/2023


Oral hygiene is a habit that must be had since childhood. And that's why Chicco has developed a gum massaging brush. It can be used from 6 months, when the first little teeth start to appear. Introduces the baby to oral hygiene habits and relieves the pressure and discomfort that the first teeth cause when the gums burst. It has a protection for the baby not to get hurt. Chicco's Oral Hygiene products are designed to effectively respond to children's needs during every stage of their growth, from the very first days. Gum Massager Brush: Thanks to the small head with soft rubber pads, it is ideal for giving relief to the gums during the delicate period of teething. Toothbrush: Perfect from the first baby tooth, thanks to its small, rounded head and ultra-fine and soft conical bristles.