Chicco Iguana Boy Teething Ring 2m+

Chicco Iguana Boy Teething Ring 2m+

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100% soft and flexible silicone teether.

Chicco's Iguana Teething Ring was specially developed for the delicate stage of baby's teething. Dual use: can be used by baby to massage gums, and by parents to clean baby's gums. Made from 100% soft and flexible silicone (BPA free) this teether is small, secure, lightweight and easy to hold. It has different reliefs and textures on both sides to ensure different sensations, massage sore gums and provide relief when teeth are growing. This iguana-shaped teething ring has ridges on its tail to use with or without gum gel, and massage injured gums even more effectively! Nice Teether: 100% super soft silicone teether. Massage sore gums: Different textures on both sides of the teething ring to provide relief for baby's gums. Easy to grip: The teething ring design makes it easy for little hands to grasp.

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