Corega Orthodontic Drippers Cleaning Tablets x36 Units

Corega Orthodontic Drippers Cleaning Tablets x36 Units

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Corega Orthodontic Braces and Gutters cleans, refreshes and protects orthodontic appliances and gutters, meets the needs of users of orthodontic appliances and gutters and its formula cleans effectively without damage.

The cleansing pads are gentle on your denture/drip but effective with bacteria, stains and plaque, leaving your denture/drip feeling fresh and clean.

Place 1 tablet of Corega Orthodontic Braces and Gutters in a container with lukewarm (not hot) water, enough to cover the braces or gutters. Soak in the solution for 3 to 5 minutes. Brush the braces or gutter with the solution using a soft brush. Discard the solution immediately after brushing. Thoroughly rinse orthodontic appliance or gutter before placing in mouth.

Keep out of reach of anyone who might accidentally swallow the lozenges or the solution. Do not put the lozenges or the solution in your mouth. Do not drink the solution or use it as a dental elixir. Do not touch your mouth or eyes after using the lozenges or the solution.Do not use if sensitive to any of the ingredients.If swallowed: contact the Poison Control Center or seek medical advice.If irritation occurs: discontinue use and seek medical advice.