Aquilea Legs Light 60 Pills

Aquilea Legs Light 60 Pills

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Long hours standing or sitting, a sedentary lifestyle, genetic predisposition, age or a poor diet... can end up affecting venous return and causing the well-known feeling of tired legs.

Get rid of this feeling of tiredness and heaviness, in a natural way, with AQUILEA PERNAS LIGHT. Feel your legs lighter and fresher, thanks to its combination of Bioflavonoids (Diosmin, Rotina, Hesperidin) and plants such as Rusco and Horse Chestnut and Vitamin C.

Take 2 pills a day.

Diosmin 610 mg, rutin 300 mg, hesperidin 90 mg, wildflower extract 50 mg (ruscogenin 10 mg), horse chestnut extract 50 mg (escin 10 mg), vitamin C 12 mg.