Tantunatura Lemon/Mel Tablets x15 Units

Tantunatura Lemon/Mel Tablets x15 Units

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At the first signs of discomfort in the throat, TantuNatura.

Throat discomfort can have many origins. A variation in temperature, excessive heating or air conditioning, poor ventilation in rooms, tobacco or even exposure to irritating substances, are so many situations that can cause irritation in the throat. For the discomfort in the throat TantuNatura arrived. For cases of pain and inflammation we recommend Tantum Verde or for flu or cold symptoms there is Tantum Grip. Dual action of natural origin. The new TantuNatura, with double action, is composed of 99% of ingredients of natural origin. On the one hand, these soothe and protect the throat, on the other, they act on the immune system.

For dry, irritated or hoarse throat take 3-5 tablets a day as needed, slowly dissolving the soft tablet in your mouth. Suitable for adults and children over 3 years of age, with adult supervision. Sugar free and gluten free.